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0.7.0 Update Coming Soon!

September 15, 2020 - The Avatar: Pandora Rising Dev Team

Our next update is on the way, and your feedback has been incredibly helpful in building a better Pandora. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on it! Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

Sacred Site Updates

Several updates are coming to Sacred Sites that will encourage more battles and allow for better strategic organization. We’ll be shifting most of the Honor and Unobtanium rewards from capturing Sacred Sites to the Event. Battles and claiming a Sacred Site will contribute more to Event Milestones. Better strategic views of Sacred Sites are coming to the World Overview Map. As the game is now available in more areas, we'll also be shifting Sacred Site Event times. This may vary week to week and we'll be sure that you have enough heads up to adjust. We hope to see these changes amp up the action during Sacred Site Events.

Less Punishing Battlefield

We’re working towards a good balance of risk, reward, and ways to protect yourself on Pandora. We agree with the feedback that our initial re-balancing of Protected amounts resulted in numbers that were too low. This made investments in the Supply Vault and Shelter not feel worthwhile. Protected amounts will be increased across the board to remedy this, more for new players who are still learning the game and less for more experienced players. 12 hour Combat Protection will be making a return in your Daily Goals to allow for appropriate breaks from play. Shortly after the update we'll be removing Collect Early consumables and the need for them when retreating from nodes, restoring flexibility in which battles you choose to engage in. We’re looking forward to seeing how these changes evolve the battlefield.

Collector Buffs

Across all levels of play, we’ve been hearing that you don’t have enough crafting materials to create some items. Vine Collectors, Tree Oil Collectors, Synthetics Plants, and Permalloy Grinders will produce crafting materials faster with the update. Crafted items using these materials will also require much less of them. We’ll continue monitoring this and your feedback before making any additional updates here.

Talent Kits

We understand that Talent Kits are currently at a high premium. We’re working towards encouraging investing Talent Kits in Commanders more broadly rather than focusing on one or two. Higher level upgrades for individual Commanders are something we want to keep as long term goals. This will take some time to balance out, and the team is still evaluating changes here. In the next update Talent Kit costs will be decreasing in the Social Shop a bit to help as a secondary source outside of Mo’ara. We’ll keep you posted with any new developments on this.

Improving Deck Management

Better Deck customization for Commanders is a highly requested feature, and we’re happy to say that it’s coming! Instead of a limited amount of Decks across all Commanders, each Commander will have their own Deck. We hope this enables easier execution of new strategies for each of your Commanders and creates more diverse encounters on the battlefield. We’re still evaluating more ways to customize Commander decks.

Events And Rewards

To help create more diverse rosters in our Initial Launch period, our next update will have Events rewards focused more on Chest Tokens. Events for new releases of Troops and Commanders will be temporarily halted in favor of having their shards immediately available in Chests as well as the Item and Unobtanium Shops. These types of Events will return at a later date. In the meantime, our Events team will be focusing on creating a more tailored experience for newer players to help them join the ranks of the more experienced denizens of Pandora.

Better Resource Hunting

We’ll be adding ways to search for Credits, Woodsprites, Wood Cement, Commander Marks, and Harvest Rallies by tapping the resource and using “Find”. Credit and Woodsprite rewards for resource Patrols will be shifted. They will move to new Patrols that only provide Credits and Woodsprites, letting you get a boost of them when needed. These Patrols will provide more of these resources as well. Happy hunting!

Commander Troop Boosts

As new Troops are added, we’re always evaluating how to make sure they’re represented well across the whole Commander Roster. For now, our solution is to add them to existing Commanders, which requires balance passes. We understand that this can feel like goal posts are being moved due to the size of the current Commander roster for each role, and we’re looking into alternatives to this approach. The following Commanders will be impacted in the next update:

  • Na’vi
  • Tsu’tey, Maratu, Akwey, Vokan, Avarin, Alar’at, Saeyla, Tsentey
  • RDA
  • Wainfleet, Dubois, Williams, Alihatar, Casey, Freeman, Chacon

You may have noticed that some of these changes have either toned down or reverted our previous updates. We won't shy away from doing this if we see data and feedback that it will create a better experience for you all. It's important during this Initial Launch phase for us to try new things and see what works best before we fully launch. We still have more work to do, so we appreciate you continuing to share your thoughts. This weekend will be your last Sacred Site Event before the update, and we wish you luck on the battlefield!