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0.8.0 Update Coming Soon!

November 24, 2020 - The Avatar: Pandora Rising Dev Team

The next update is coming soon and we wanted to give you a sneak peek. We’ll be making improvements to Daily Goals, updates to PvP, and several other changes. Let’s dive in!

Daily Actions

Your daily actions should feel rewarding. In the next update we will be including new Daily Goal rewards that are significantly better across the board. New optional goals will also increase in challenge as you complete them to gain even more rewards. The following shards will be available in a Daily Goal alongside other increased rewards:

  • Na'vi
  • Champion, Direhorse Rider, Warbeest, Titanothere, Guardian, Stingbat Swarm, Arrow Storm, Archers, Hunting Party, Viperwolf Pack, Viperwolves
  • Mo'at, Zumkana, Entok, Kalun, Swin'ara, Saeyla, Valke, Tsentey
  • RDA
  • Helldozer, Flame Boss, Ripper, Scorpion Gunship, AMP, Infantry Nest, Concussion Blast, Rifle Squad, Rifle Troopers, RPG Squad, RPG Infantry 
  • AugustineSelfridgeCaseyDrennekFikeHenrickShen, Chacon

Another part of what makes a game fun is having the actions you choose feel meaningful. Outposts are an element of the game where we saw room to improve here. Having a high Outpost Rally Key cap makes playing Events optimally very time consuming. However if we were to lower that cap, this would make it much harder for Alliances to coordinate as members would run out of them too easily. To resolve this, we will be changing the cost of Outposts to 25 Battle Stamina and removing Outpost Rally Keys. This will position them as a core activity that is a meaningful choice between your other daily actions.

Incoming Pvp Changes

We’ve learned a lot from your feedback and how you’ve been engaging with PvP. Several changes are on the way. Continuing our aim at increasing activity, Battle Stamina cost of PvP attacks will be lowered to 10. While more PvP is great, ensuring a good experience at all levels of play is challenging when these levels can coexist on the same Continent. We’ll be addressing that by increasing travel time more significantly for targets further away. This will make it more difficult for higher level players in the center to pursue lower level targets around the map. Continuing on the theme of fairness, Harvesters will be given more of a fighting chance in the upcoming PvP environment with a new feature, Combat Health Protection. This will allow them to recover all but 10% of their total health after a battle or Rally (ex. suffering total defeat after starting at 50% health will recover them to 40% health). We’ll be keeping a close eye on feedback as to how our upcoming changes impact the battlefield.


When encountering enemies on the battlefield, how strong they are should be easily estimated based on their Village Hall, Command Center, or Commander level. This unfortunately is not the current case. Right now Troop and Commander upgrades through crafted materials are restricted to your Building level; however, upgrades with shards are not. This allows shards to have Troop and Commander upgrades outpace Building progress which makes it hard to predict the power of enemies. Next update, we’ll be tying shard upgrades to your Building levels to remedy this. This change will not impact any current progress you’ve made.

Commander Tuning

We took a deeper look at the performance of Defenders and Safeguards. They are currently too strong at higher levels, so we’ve decided to tone them down in the next update. As a Safeguard is an important role in Harvests, we will be promoting some Commanders to Safeguards for resources that did not have one. This should create more interesting Rally compositions. The following Commanders will be impacted 

  • Na’vi
  • Eytukan will become a Hexapede Safeguard
  • Ukwala will become a Spinecone Safeguard
  • RDA
  • Balogan will become a Bluestone Safeguard
  • Adrik will become a Burnfiber Safeguard
  • Selfridge will become a Sulfur Rock Expert

Commanders have seen many changes as the game evolves, and there are more in store for the foreseeable future. We know there is some fatigue here for seasoned players, and can assure these changes are not made lightly. There are some plans to make these changes less jarring as we release new Troops, and we will share more details when we can.

A Not On Advanced

This is something that's on the teams radar to look into further. It's a difficult thing to balance as giving too many can lead to some issues, such as trivializing the scale of the world. We know that the recent increase of PvP activity and lower base health has been causing more forced relocations, which may be contributing to this. That will be addressed next update by an increase to the amount of attacks required before forced relocations happen. We have discussed and will be looking into a type of relocate to specifically move closer to your Alliance, but don’t have more to share on that yet. Changes are not coming in the near future, but we will keep you posted as things develop.

Upcoming Troops

The battlefield will be shaken up soon by two new Troops and Commanders for each faction. Na’vi will have another aerial Troop swoop into action from the mountains, as well as the axes of dexterous warriors added to their arsenal. RDA will bring one of the coolest ways to get infantry to the front line and a four wheeled mechanical nightmare that can clear the sky and continue with a ground assault. More Safeguards and the Challengers you’ve been waiting for are also joining the battlefield. Stay tuned!

We know our Initial Launch phase has had many changes, and we still have more coming. This is all to ensure Pandora is the best it can be when we welcome others to the battlefield. Your feedback has been instrumental in helping shape this game, and we appreciate your contributions and patience. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts when the update is released and you see all of the other changes!

-The Avatar: Pandora Rising Dev Team