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Additional 0.7.0 Updates Now Live!

October 5, 2020 - The Avatar: Pandora Rising Dev Team

The changes we noted as coming soon are now live in the game! This will not require an update and the version of the game will still be 0.7.0. We appreciate everyone’s patience and hope that you enjoy the changes you’ve been patiently waiting for.

General Changes
  • Across all levels of play, we’ve been hearing that you don’t gain enough materials from the Vine Collector, Tree Oil Collector, Synthetics Plant, and Permalloy Grinder so we have a series of changes to improve the situation. First, these now produce crafting materials faster (down to 3 minutes from 5 minutes). Second, their capacities have been increased by 50% on average across levels. Lastly, crafted items using these materials also now require much less of them.
  • Availability of Jake and Quaritch shards in the Social Shop has been reduced and their prices increased. We want the Social Shop to be a consistent source of these shards as more of a long term goal you can work towards each day.
Talent Kit Improvements

As we have been hinting, changes have finally come to both spending and earning Talent Kits. Our goal with this is to make it easier to invest more broadly in Commanders while still having later upgrades as a more long term goal. We were seeing that the previous continued requirement for Basic Kits to upgrade Commander talents meant that you couldn't spend them on your newer commanders, resulting in deep investment in single Commanders and little investment in others. We’ve significantly reduced the Basic and Improved Talent Kit requirements. We’ve also increased the rewards from Mo’ara Raids.

  • Talent Kit requirements to level Commanders has been reduced. The leveling curve has also been updated:
Talent Kit Chart Fixed
  • Talent Kit rewards for Mo’ara Difficulty Milestones, Bosses, and Patrols has been doubled.
Woodsprite And Credit Economy

We’ve heard the feedback that Woodsprite and Credit needs are too high, and have confirmed this after taking a look at the data as well. There also weren’t very reliable ways to pursue Woodsprites and Credits outside Supply Boats or raiding bases. These changes are aimed at increasing ways to obtain Credits and Woodsprites and make them go further by reducing some building costs:

  • Patrols are now a one stop source for Woodsprites and Credits as well as resources! Woodsprite and Credit Patrol rewards have been increased by 56% and they have been merged with current Resource Patrols. 
  • Woodsprites and Credits needed to upgrade buildings level 3-13 has been reduced.
  • Outposts now grant Woodsprites and Credits in addition to their Milestone Rewards:
Outpost Chart Fixed

Note: Existing Patrols and Outposts on the Continent will not receive the updated rewards. Over time as players defeat them, they will be replaced by new Patrols and Outposts that have the updated rewards.

Less Punishing Battlefield

We’re constantly working towards a better balance of risk, reward, and ways to protect yourself on Pandora. Here are some of the latest steps we’ve taken there:

  • Protected amounts have been increased across most levels. These amounts are higher for early players (around an 8x increase up to Stronghold level 11), and taper off for higher levels.
  • 12 Hour protection is now available as a reward for clearing all Daily Goals and for purchase in the Social Shop.
  • Collect Early consumables are no longer required to leave solo Resource nodes.
Helping New Players

It’s important for us to continue to improve how we usher in new denizens of Pandora so they can grow and join you on the field of battle. We plan to have more changes to support this effort and appreciate the feedback we’ve gotten from those just joining in.

  • We’ve made it easier to have more Commander options earlier in the game.
  • Players will now start with more Woodsprites or Credits to ease progression.
  • PvP will not start as early for new players, allowing them to learn more of the basics before diving into the battlefield. Combat Protection will be available until the Village Hall or Command Center is level 10 and PvP Events have been shifted accordingly.
  • Base free recovery time for Commanders has been increased to 2.5 hours.
Commander Troop Boost Levels

Early on, we want players to feel the impact of their upgrades more. As they get to the later stages of the game when every edge matters, upgrades won’t be as dramatic. Taking this approach will help create a more competitive environment at the higher levels of play. We will be keeping a close eye on feedback and the impact this has on the battlefield.

  • Commander Talent troop boosts will be more impactful at earlier levels and have more gradual increases in power in later levels:
  • Old boosts: 1 , 2 , 3, 6 , 8 ... 16 , 19 , 22...
  • New boosts: 2 , 4 , 6 , 8 ... 19 , 20 , 21 , 22…

This means that the Army Power for ALL players will be impacted by this, and we know this will take some adjustment time.

Trends In Troop Balance

We wanted to take some time to address that in the recent updates, Na’vi have been receiving more changes reducing the power of their Troops, which can feel disheartening. These necessary changes were a result of us seeing a dramatic win rate discrepancy when looking at data from Fair battles between factions. Na’vi previously had much higher win rates than RDA in even matches. Thanks to the changes over time, this gap has closed significantly. We’ll continue to make balance changes as needed over the coming updates to keep both factions viable. We’ll do better in being more transparent to help factions understand why we’re making changes moving forward if a trend like this arises again.

Bug Fixes
  • Corrected an issue where RDA Supply Docks were receiving lower than intended buffs from upgrades.

We're looking forward to the feedback on these changes and hope that you all keep sharing your thoughts with us. Thanks for being part of building a better Pandora for existing a new players alike!

-The Avatar: Pandora Rising Dev Team