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Events and Different Continents

August 6, 2020 - The Avatar: Pandora Rising Dev Team

As we invite more to join us on Pandora, they arrive on one of the newly charted Continents (or servers). When they reach high enough populations, more will be uncovered. This means that there will be a great amount of Continents over time. Our team will always be making efforts to adjust our Events accordingly, with the goal of creating the optimal experiences across Continents. We want to address how this will result in different experiences with Events between Continents, and ensure that we’ll always be working so this doesn’t create significant advantages for some.

Sacred Sites

These are an important part of the battle for Pandora and we’re constantly looking at ways they can have more impact across different Continents. As you’re joining us from all around the world, the effect of time zones is something we’re considering. This can mean at some point, Sacred Site Events may not start at the same day or times for every Continent. 

We’re also hearing some feedback from players at different experience levels with desire for breaks from Sacred Sites. Starting this Season we will be testing how having a week break from this event impacts the experience at varying Continent lifetimes. About half of Continents will have a break from one Sacred Site in the Season, while the other will continue without breaks. We'll repeat this process with Seasons for the foreseeable future and include some Honor/Unobtanium for those that have a break week, which will help level out resources compared to those with no breaks.


Depending on how new a Continent is, it may not receive some Events. This is mostly felt on ones that accompany new Troops or Commanders. Newer players may not have access to these latest additions, but will to things recently added in chests, shops, or offers that experienced players didn't when they started playing. The goal here is to make sure this happens at the right timing so that all players have access to the things they need to survive the battle on Pandora.

We’ll be keeping you posted with any updates on our efforts here. The future for Pandora is looking bright, and we have you to thank for your contributions of feedback and suggestions. Good luck on the battlefield!