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Initial Launch and the Road Ahead

February 22, 2020 - The Avatar: Pandora Rising Dev Team

It’s been amazing to finally share the game with some of you and see how you’re playing and experiencing all Pandora has to offer. Our goal for this Initial Launch period in select areas (Canada, New Zealand, and the Philippines) is to learn ways we can improve the game before it’s fully released. We’re excited for the many changes that are coming during this phase, and will do our best to give you a heads up about them.

Here are some of the things the team is focusing on:

Increasing PvP opportunities and fairer battles

How we calculate Army Power is one way we’re looking to accomplish this. Tuning base defense and making resource management more important will also create more combat.

Combat variety

One of the key things we hear is the desire for more combat opportunities from early game solo play to the high level of Alliance Rallies. Expect to see new features, Challenges, and some changes to Daily Goals to address this.

Sacred Site tuning

Close eyes are on this to ensure it’s fun and competitive for players. Those participating in these battles have helped us learn a lot and we’ve made some improvements already. We want to create unique strategic value of the different levels of sites and make the combat surrounding them more dynamic. 

Making Seasons the best they can be

We’re carefully evaluating how we can create the best balance of power levels on Continents. Our initial Season move was insightful and as we let more players into the game, tuning it will get easier.

New features and quality of life changes

We’re playing too and understand there are ways we can make every day on Pandora better. The tech behind our combat system is constantly being improved through your feedback. Our UI is something that we’re also always working on to make things like your daily routine and communication easier.

Pacing optimization

There is a fine balance to strike with progression so upgrades and actions feel meaningful. We’ll be experimenting with the resource and Stamina economy to find that balance, especially as we add more content.

Commanders and Troops

We know everyone is looking to create more decks and strategies. Expect to see many additions to the roster here, accompanied by balance changes. As part of our pacing optimization, we’re also looking at how fast people are unlocking and leveling them.

Expanding the late game

You may notice some things in your base that are not unlocked...just yet. We’ll share more about these when we can.

We can’t wait to start introducing these changes. While updates are done to improve the game, we’ll always evaluate the total impact of them. If changes are drastic we will review on a case by case basis if we need to step in to help you all transition with compensation. 

We appreciate all the feedback we’ve received, so please keep it coming. Thanks go out as well to those following along patiently and supporting us while waiting to play. So far, the journey has been amazing and we’re looking forward to the road ahead.