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Intro to Continents and Seasons

January 16, 2020 - The Avatar: Pandora Rising Dev Team

When you first arrive on Pandora, you will start on one of its many Continents (aka Servers). As new Seasons come, your Alliance may be moved to another Continent to better assist your faction in the fight for Pandora. Here's how these Seasons help keep the battlefield competitive and exciting.

Continents And You

Continents are dedicated play spaces we send players to when they join the game. The goal is that these are not too small or overcrowded and have a good level of activity. Those just joining the fight are usually placed on our newest Continents to with others of similar experience. That means if you were to start the game as Na'vi and later on also decided to play as RDA, those factions could be on two different Continents. Your Player Profile has a Continent section displaying which one you're currently on.

You can only currently communicate with players on your own Continent, and we’re looking into ways new players can chat with or join a friend who is a seasoned player on a more established Continent. There are currently no plans for transfers, but it is something we've been discussing. As time moves on, we will add more Continents to accommodate the growing community.

Season And Shuffles

Over time, Continents will naturally diminish in population while simultaneously settling into brackets of skill level and/or power. To keep the game fresh and competitive, we plan on periodically shuffling Alliances onto different Continents. We're calling the time in between these shuffles: Seasons. This shuffling will take into account Alliance size and Market Value/Prosperity with the goal of creating Continents that have varieties of skill levels and viable competition for all.

Alliances that have some powerful players are usually placed on Continents with other powerful players. It's best to be in an Alliance with those similar in power to yourself, or you may risk being brought to a Continent that is too dangerous for you. Newer Continents will usually not be part of the Season shuffle as most have just joined the fight and are still getting used to the battlefield.

Season Events

Each Season brings a new Season Event with Milestones to reach that grant you resources, shards, or chests! Earning Season Score by participating any event in the Season will help you get to each Milestone. Capturing Sacred Sites during a Season Event will not only earn you Season Score, but Troop boosts that last throughout the Season. Focus on Outer Sites to build up Troop boosts and eventually take on the more powerful Alliances at the Center! Season Score currently has no impact on which Continent your Alliance will be on after a shuffle.

New Season

Those impacted will receive a warning message in their Inbox to help them prepare for the new Season. For Alliance Leaders that receive a message their Alliance is moving to a new Continent, we recommend to ensure their roster is set and has similar power level members. This will help ensure that they are placed on the most competitive Continent for their Alliance. If you run a sister Alliance or an Alliance using your other faction, it may not be on the same Continent as your main Alliance after the shuffle. You may also no longer be playing alongside the Alliances you’ve formed treaties or rivalries with as they could be shuffled onto a different Continent.

When a new Season begins, your entire Alliance will be together on a new Continent (for those that moved) and your settlement will be randomly relocated there as well. We will be sending out relocation packages so that you can move closer to your Alliance. For those that were not moved, they will remain on their current Continent and start the new Season. Season Score, Leaderboards, and Troop boosts will be reset. That means if you previously had Season Troop boosts, you may see your Army Power decrease at the start of a new Season.

Future Seasons

Seasons will likely be receiving some changes as the game grows. We currently don’t have set durations for Seasons just yet, but usually try to line them up with major updates. Before they happen we will be sure to give you advanced notice. We’re currently looking into ways to make Seasons a much more impactful aspect of the player experience.

We hope you all will enjoy the fresh competition that Seasons will bring, and we will be closely monitoring the feature as it grows.

-The Avatar: Pandora Rising Dev Team