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Intro to Mo'ara Raids

July 24, 2020 - The Avatar: Pandora Rising Dev Team

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RDA Scientists have discovered the perfect mining opportunity in the Mo’ara region, where floating mountains contain an abundance of Unobtanium. However, the Na’vi consider this sanctuary to have a special connection with Eywa and must defend it at all costs! While RDA forces attempt to clear the way for their mining equipment, Na’vi leaders are determined to purge the Sky People from the area.

As you make progress either removing the Na’vi or fending off the RDA, your forces will become increasingly bolstered while within the Mo’ara Raid. Crash Sites from failed expeditions scattered throughout Mo’ara can unlock Troops for use during the raid. What new strategies and decks can you create to defeat all the Boss encounters and get the maximum Alliance Credit and Talent Kit rewards?

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Your Alliance will need to be prepared before an expedition into Mo’ara. Work together and complete your Daily Goals to collect a new shared resource: Mo’ara Supplies. Challenging the more dangerous areas of Mo’ara will require a larger amount of supplies, but yield greater rewards. When entering a raid, choose your Commander wisely as they’ll be unable to venture outside of it until the expedition is complete. Your Alliance will have to split into teams to cover the most ground, and ensure they’re balanced in power will help make a successful raid.

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Patrols and other encounters will have to be defeated to explore more of Mo’ara and find the Bosses within the fog of war. Efficient use of Action Points and coordination with your Alliance will be critical to success. A radius around your Commander will show how far you can move with one Action Point. Anything outside of that radius will cost more. You can also use them to give your Commander a rest and recover. Action Points are gained over time, but use them wisely!

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Enemy faction Patrols will be your most encountered obstacles in Mo’ara. Defeating one will allow you to temporarily boost a Troop. As you venture deeper into Mo’ara, the greater challenges will increase these boosts further. Pay close attention to the Featured Troops for the raid as they have higher chances of receiving boosts. Position your forces to get the most benefits.

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Salvaging the Crash Sites from previous failed expeditions to Mo’ara will randomly grant you one of three Teamwide rewards: an Action Point, a Troop boost for your deck, or unlocking a Troop not in your collection for the raid. This offers a significant advantage to your team and a great opportunity to experiment with some new Troops and strategies.

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Fuel Depots and Sacred Plants are opposing faction footholds you can challenge to boost your team’s forces. They have three encounters you can defeat for increasing rewards, each costing an Action Point to challenge. The first victory will give Teamwide Rewards of one level boost to all Troops and a boost to a random Troop (chosen from the raids Featured Troops). Conquering all encounters will yield larger boosts.

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Mountain Spires are vantage points floating higher than most other areas in Mo'ara. Claiming one will allow your team to see further into the swirling fog, helping plan your path. They'll also provide team members with a boost to all Towers, increasing your chances of survival.

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Enemy faction Bosses will be your main challenge and source of rewards in Mo’ara. Communicate with your team to ensure you're ready to take them on with a solid strategy. They'll be tough to beat, but are worth the Alliance Credits, Talent Kits, and bragging rights.

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Alliance Credits and Talent Kits are earned immediately for defeating Bosses and also at the end of the Mo’ara Raid based on how many have been defeated. Filling up all teams is ideal to defeat the maximum number of Bosses for the best rewards. You’ll also receive bonus rewards based on how much you contribute to the raid.

Mo’ara Raids is a big feature and we’ll be monitoring your feedback to see how we can make more updates to it in the future. Enjoy, and good luck on your raids!