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Intro to Sacred Sites

September 23, 2020 - The Avatar: Pandora Rising Dev Team

There are special sites scattered throughout Pandora that the Na’vi hold sacred due to their strong connection with Eywa. These Sacred Sites also happen to be rich sources of Unobtanium and are critical mining sites for the RDA. Na’vi and RDA forces must now battle for control over these sites in order to save their own people. Let's get you ready for the fight for Pandora!


Conflict in the fight for Pandora ebbs and flows, with Sacred Sites being the peak. As the battle for them draws near, a timer will appear to mark when the surrounding War Camps and Sacred Sites can be contested. You can also see the different rewards each Sacred Site provides to target the one most valuable to your Alliance. There will be important preparation needed in this window of time.

War Camp Prep

As the battle for Sacred Sites draws closer, special resources will appear in the world for each faction. Securing them will be critical to success in the battle ahead. You’ll have to coordinate with your Alliance to ensure that your harvest Rallies are defended well and raid enemy harvests. Stay ahead in the resource race to put yourself in the best position to successfully capture Sacred Sites.

The Battle Begins

When a Sacred Site is able to be contested, your Alliance can lay claim to the surrounding War Camps and Heart or center of the Sacred Site with Commanders. These can be attacked by other Alliances looking to control the War Camps or center. The Alliance who controls the center at the end of the Claim Timer will gain Unobtanium or Honor and powerful boosts from the strategic foothold. The War Camps will be critical in your ability to hold the Sacred Site center.

Controlling War Camps

War Camps your Alliance controls can be Upgraded with the special resources you’ve recently harvested. They can also be Reinforced by up to 6 Commanders, forcing the enemy to Rally if they want to take your War Camp. The more War Camps you control and the higher their level based on resources you donate to them, the more impact it will have on the center. If you control the center, the War Camps will provide Troop boosts to it. If the enemy controls the center, your War Camps will decrease their Troop level. 

Tiing And Strategy

Keep an eye on the Claim Timer. If control of the center is taken by another Alliance, the Claim Timer may be shorter depending on how long the Sacred Site has been open. If the Site is not claimed within the first 45 minutes, the Claim Timer decreases to 30 minutes. If it is not claimed within the first 75 minutes, the Claim Timer decreases to 20 minutes. Keep this in mind when coordinating your attacks or defense.


When a Sacred Site is claimed, that Alliance will get Unobtanium or Honor as rewards, more access to Shop items, and boosts to Troops. The Site will be protected while these rewards are being granted. If you didn’t get to claim a Sacred Site, there will be plenty more battles in the future.

Sacred Sites are challenging, but well worth the rewards, knowledge, and bragging rights. Work together with your Alliance and claim victory!