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New Game Mode and More Coming to Pandora

July 18, 2020 - The Avatar: Pandora Rising Dev Team

Big changes are on the way for Pandora, including a brand new game mode! There will also be some updated systems, balance changes, and more. We wanted to give you a sneak preview of what’s to come in our next release so you can prepare.

Mo’ara Raids

We know you’re ready to see more of Pandora. Mo’ara will be a new region that Alliances can explore together. You’ll be able to fly among the floating mountains and search the swirling fog of war for conquest and rewards. As you defeat more Patrols, you’ll gain Troop and Tower Boosts for the rest of the raid to help you take on tough boss battles. Special nodes will also temporarily unlock Troops outside of your collection for the rest of the raid. We plan on this being your main source of Talent Kits and Alliance Credits, so we will be moving them from other areas to Mo’ara Raids.

Ave Screenshot 3

Improvements for Seasons

Seasons is something we want to continue to build on and be more meaningful than just Continent shuffles. Season-Long Events are coming that you’ll progress through with Season Score. Each Milestone will grant rewards and tokens towards a Season Chest and End of Season Chest. Each Season will feature a group of Commanders and Troops for rewards, Season Chests, and Sacred Site boosts. The End of Season Chest will give you rewards based on the next Season, giving you a strong start. Our goal moving forward is to have Seasons start at the beginning of major updates and last until the next one (ex. 0.4.0, 0.5.0, 0.6.0). We aim for this to be around six weeks. We’ll be keeping a close eye on how this timing works out.

New Commander Recovery System

There was room for this system to be more intuitive and manageable. To achieve this, all Commanders that need to be healed or revived will enter the same system. Items used for recovery will also be consolidated. Commanders will also have to return to their base to recover, which will make the rules for recovering consistent across the board. 

The Healing Grove and Med Bay will become new buildings where your Commander will recover over time for free. All food and fuel consumables will speed up this process. The Cookhouse and Fuel Reactor will become a second Cooking Pit and Fuel Refinery. You’ll keep your upgrades and previous crafted items will be converted to healing speed ups! All Cycad and Radonite resources will also be converted and the nodes removed from the World Map.

As the Healing Grove and Med Bay will be converted to new buildings, we’ll be sending all players resources to level them relative to their Village Hall or Command Center. Commander slots will require more levels due to the systems power. Most players will move from previously having 3 to 2. We recommend holding off on upgrading these buildings until after the update.

Making Combat More Rewarding

We want you to set goals in combat and feel rewarded for greater victories. Rewards will be given based on damage to your opponent. Destruction of each Sentry Tower gives some of the rewards, and destroying their Command Tower will grant the maximum. You’ll also have increased potential rewards based on battle fairness. We didn’t leave out the Commanders securing your base and resources! They will now earn bonus rewards if the battle is Challenging, Difficult, or Impossible.

Better PvP Involving Bases

Our goal is to create more PvP targets as well as make defense and Alliance coordination matter more. Motivation to attack a base currently comes down to a few very rich targets that disappear in one or two attacks, which is not ideal. 

A few changes are needed to make bases more desirable and available to attack. Wood and Cement will become loot-able, giving another incentive. Protected amounts will be lowered dramatically to ensure more Woodsprites and Credits are available across the board. Combat Protection items are going to become a rarer commodity, so manage your current stashes carefully! 

We see Loot Skill as being too effective and limiting to strategy, so it will be significantly reduced across all Commanders. This will help create more opportunities for players to defend base hits. A rich target will require Alliance coordination to loot and Reinforcements will be more commonly seen. 

Building Cost Changes

As the game has evolved, we wanted to align building and upgrade cost with their current value to players. We’ve shifted around the cost of some buildings and their upgrades, but the overall costs remain the same. Storage and Defenses will have a reduced cost. Crafting and Commander buildings as well as Collectors and Trading Posts will be going up in cost. Now is a great time to upgrade your Collectors!

Commander Tower Boost Updates

Our last adjustment to Commanders reduced tower levels to address too many stalemates. While we definitely reduced them, we swung the pendulum a bit too far. In this next update we’re increasing boosted tower levels a bit more with the goal of giving you opportunities to play around their defenses more effectively.

The next update with all the above changes will be in the coming weeks, We can’t wait for you all to get your hands on it and see your feedback! We’ll be sharing more details about the Mo’ara Raid feature soon, so keep an eye out.