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Release Notes 0.7.0

September 22, 2020 - The Avatar: Pandora Rising Dev Team

Lock down more of Sacred Site rewards through battles and strategize with the new World Overview Map changes with our latest updates! Our new Safeguards for Sacred Site resources will help you prepare for the fight.

Whats New Overview
  • New Safeguard Commanders: Syanan & Leon
    Guard your Sacred Site resources to help prepare for the battle ahead!
  • Improved Deck Management
    Each Commander now has their own deck instead of being limited to several decks across all Commanders.
  • Sacred Site Events, rewards, & World Overview Map updates
    Battles are now more important in Sacred Sites. Strategize with the new map additions.
  • Searches added for more resources
    Resources that previously had few tools to “Find” them now work better with this feature.
  • Mo’ara Raid First Time Completion Rewards
    To celebrate defeating a Mo’ara difficulty for the first time, you’ll be given great rewards! If you haven’t claimed them yet, revisit past difficulties.
  • New Scout sub-class
    These Commanders will help you challenge and defeat Outposts and Patrols.
  • Talent Kit and More Changes Coming!
    Sometime after this update, Talent Kit requirement costs will be reduced for Commanders. Talent Kit rewards for Mo’ara will be receiving updates as well. We will keep you posted when this is live!
New Commanders

These Commanders are now available in the Honor/Unobtanium and Item Shops as well as Recruitment Chests.


Syanan - Phalanxia Safeguard

  • Phalanxia Safeguard: Finds bonus Phalanxia Wood, and provides boosts to All Towers, and All Troops at any Phalanxia Hills.
  • Snapjaw: Provides boosts to Elder Titan, Shield Watch (Sentinels), and Banshee Roost.
  • Thorncutter: Provides boosts to Stingbat Caller, Warbeest, and Archers.
Syanan Test


Leon - Lavastone Safeguard

  • Lavastone Safeguard: Finds bonus Lava Iron, and provides boosts to All Towers, and All Troops at any Lavastone Run.
  • Archeologist: Provides boosts to Hexbots, Firefly, and Grenadier.
  • Truth Seeker: Provides boosts to Bulldog, Shredder, and Bunker.
Coming Next Season

The Troop boosts for these Commanders may change when they are released.


Valke - Challenger

  • Challenger: Provides boosts to Travel Speed, All Towers, and All Troops at Sacred Sites.
  • Sky Guide: Provides boosts to Sky Archer, Puffball Tree, and Archers.
  • Aerialist: Provides boosts to Warbeest, Banshee Roost, and Viperwolves.


Henrick - Challenger

  • Challenger: Provides boosts to Travel Speed, All Towers, and All Troops at Unobtanium Sites.
  • Monster Hunter: Provides boosts to Hexbots, Firefly, and RPG Station.
  • Audacious: Provides boosts to Bombing Run, Shredder, and Concussion Blast
General Changes
  • Commanders now have their own decks!
  • Deck editing has moved from the Training Grounds and Training Bay and can now be accessed from each Commander’s Details and when sending them into battle.
  • Troops boosted by Commander talents or Sacred Site buffs are highlighted green in the Deck editing menu. 
  • We’ve wanted to improve this experience for a while and hope you enjoy this upgrade to customizing your Commander decks!
  • Search for more resources by tapping them and using “Find”
  • Woodsprites/Credits:
  • Instead of receiving Woodsprites/Credits as a Battle Reward for PvP and Patrols, a brand new Patrol type can be fought when you need the resource. We’re looking into more focused ways for you to pursue Woodsprites and Credits.
  • The Supply Docks/Trading Post shows you how much you can earn from sending boats.
  • A nearby player base shows all their resources.
  • Wood/Cement
  • Shows Collectors in your base as well as unprotected resources at a nearby player’s base
  • Commander Marks
  • Shows you the variety of ways to earn each type of Mark
  • Harvest rallies have also been added to existing resource finders in order to make rallying easier!
  • Patrols will now use Troops from the previous updates.
  • RDA Repair Bay has a new look!
  • This Season is expected to be shorter than usual, so give it your all to see how many Milestones you can earn!
  • Across all levels of play, we’ve been hearing that you don’t have enough crafting materials to create some items. Shortly after this update we will be making the following changes:
  • The Vine Collector, Tree Oil Collector, Synthetics Plant, and Permalloy Grinder will produce crafting materials faster (from 5 down to 3 minutes). Their capacities will also increase by 50% on average across levels. Crafted items using these materials will require much less of them.
Talent Kit Changes

We’ve reduced the cost of Talent Kits in the Social Shop and increased the amount of Basic Talent Kits available as well. More changes are on the way in a future update based on your feedback, including:

  • Revising the Mo’ara reward structure and awarding more Talent Kits.
  • Updating leveling curve and Talent Kit cost reduction for Commander Talents.
  • Our goal with this is to reduce how difficult it is to upgrade lower level Commanders and reduce the Basic Talent Kit requirements for later levels. This alongside overall Talent Kit cost reductions will make it easier to invest more broadly in Commanders while still making bigger upgrades a more long term goal.
Less Punishing Battlefield

In the near future after this update we'll be making more changes to work towards a better balance of risk, reward, and ways to protect yourself on Pandora. We'll keep you informed when the following changes are live:

  • Protected amounts will be increased. One of the goals for this is to protect new players more. Those still learning the game should have more protection while growing. These amounts will be less generous as a player progresses and focus on saving enough resources towards smaller upgrades. Thanks for the feedback here.
  • 12 Hour Combat Protection will once again be available in Daily Goals.
  • Collect Early consumables will no longer be required to leave nodes. As we have converted these items into Woodsprites and Credits (added to your Resource Packs), you temporarily will not be able to leave level 2 or higher nodes until this change arrives later. We apologize for the timing on these changes and appreciate the patience.
Earning Troops And Commanders
  • All Event types will now be granting more Elite Chest Tokens. More Troops and Commanders available in chests will help create a more diverse Troop roster in this phase of the game. We’ll resume more release themed Events closer to our full launch. Our events team is currently focused on creating a more tailored experience for newer players to help them join the ranks of the more experienced denizens of Pandora.
  • The following will now appear in the Honor/Unobtanium and Item Shops as well as Recruitment Chests.
  • Na’vi Troops: Elder Titan, Banshee Roost
  • Na’vi Commanders: Atan, Takuk
  • RDA Troops: Hexbots, Firefly
  • RDA Commanders: Madaki, Onozuki
  • The Social Shop has received some changes to focus its rewards more
  • Added two new Item Slots containing four possible Commanders:
  • Na’vi: Jake, Swin’ara, Alira, Entok
  • RDA: Quaritch, Casey, Chang, Shen
  • Removed most Troops from the shop so it now focuses on:
  • Na’vi: Tukru Fighters, Hunting Party, Viperwolf Den, Viperwolf Pack
  • RDA: Hornet Scout, RPG Squad, Bunker, Rifle Squad
  • Talent Kit costs have been reduced, and Basic Talent Kits will appear in higher quantities.
Sacred Sites
  • Rewards now focus on battles
  • We’ll be shifting most of the Honor and Unobtanium rewards from capturing Sacred Sites to the Event. Battles and claiming a Sacred Site will contribute more to Event Milestones as well.
  • Honor or Unobtanium rewarded for capturing Outer Sacred Sites has decreased 90% (from 100k to 10k) and 60% (from 250k to 100k) for the Center Site. Claiming a Sacred Site will provide enough Event points to award roughly 50k Honor or Unobtanium. This means that overall income has decreased as it was too high, but we will be keeping a close eye on this change.
  • New 1 minute launch timer for Rallies
  • This will help Alliances to coordinate more attacks during Sacred Sites and increase the competition in the last moments of Claim Time.
  • Changes to Donations
  • Donations to War Camps using Avatar Points now escalates (similar to Stamina and Action Points).
  • Resource requirements for donating to Sacred Sites have increased based on observations of how they were being used and the amount of each players were harvesting.
  • Common: increased to 80 from 20 (XP decreased to 50 from 100)
  • Uncommon: increased to 40 from 15 (XP decreased to 250 from 275)
  • Rare: increased to 20 from 10 (XP remains at 1,000)
  • Overall, we're aiming to have the action of donating matter more and require strategic thought.
  • Strategic World Overview Map
  • New strategic view widgets give you more information about the Sacred Sites.
  • More Unobtanium and Honor Shop access for claiming Center Sacred Sites
  • Claiming Outer sites will have access to 4 additional Shelves, while the Center will provide 6.
  • Added rewards for completing a Raid difficulty for the first time.
  • New notifications added when a Raid starts.
  • All bosses now have their own unique tower layout.
  • Several UI and audio improvements have been added!
  • We’ve previously updated the Trials Shop with a broader range of items and Troop shards and wanted to review those changes with this release:
  • Consumables were added to assist in more areas than just shards.
  • The amounts of shards available and Trial Token prices were adjusted. There are now more options for how you choose to invest them. You can always purchase something helpful daily or you can save up for bigger purchases that include higher quantities of shards.
Troops And Combat
  • You’ll notice that some Troops will receive stat adjustments unaccompanied by explanation. These conservative tuning changes are primarily based on fair PvP battle win rates when using those particular Troops and meant to nudge them into better positions. Smaller changes like this happen when a Troop is generally interacting how we want with its role, but not performing at the right power level. Larger mechanical changes are sometimes necessary to balance Troops that perform significantly outside the roles we intend for it (ex. Helldozer, Puffball Tree).
  • Wall Towers will now automatically repair after all Base Defense battles. This should give you a chance to push back attackers now that there are more base battles. We’ve decreased Wall Tower level boosts to account for this benefit. Items in your inventory to speed this repair up have been removed and replaced with Credits and Woodsprites added to your Resource packs.
  • Destroying Sentry Towers rewards slightly less rewards and destroying the Command Tower will earn more. Total Victory (winning by destroying the enemy Command Tower) provides the same overall rewards as before. 
  • Various improvements have been made to the AI.
  • Reduced the AIs targeting skill when using Powers to better mimic how human players would use them. 


  • Banshee Flight and Forest Banshee
  • Damage decreased by 2% (from 86.1 to 84.4).
  • Health decreased by 2% (from 272.8 to 267.3).

  • Fire Thrower
  • Damage increased by 2% (from 82 to 83.6).
  • Health increased by 2% (from 212 to 216.2).

  • Warbeest
  • Damage decreased by 3% (from 160.7 to 155.8).
  • Health decreased by 2% (from 838.3 to 821.6).

  • Paradise Needler
  • Damage increased by 2% (from 63.5 to 64.7).
  • Lifetime increased 20% (from 29 sec. to 35 sec).

  • Sentinels renamed to Shield Watch
  • Damage increased by 3% (from 68.3 to 70.4).
  • Shield Health increased by 10% (from 38 to 42).

  • Stingbat Swarm
  • Damage decreased by 2% (from 31.4 to 30.7).
  • Health decreased by 3% (from 22.8 to 22.1).

  • Archers and Hunting Party
  • Damage increased by 2% (from 51.5 to 52.5).
  • Health increased by 2% (from 114.4 to 116.7).
  • Hunting Party formation flipped horizontally, mirrored away from your opponent’s side of the battlefield. 

  • Viperwolves and Viperwolf Pack
  • Damage increased by 4% (from 49.4 to 51.5).
  • Health increased by 3% (from 44.1 to 45.5).


  • Flame Boss
  • Damage increased by 4% from (24.2 to 25.1).

  • Bombing Run
  • Damage area width and length increased. 
  • This makes it possible to hit 3 Buildings side-by-side.

  • Incinerator
  • Damage increased by 10% (from 29.4 to 32.4).

  • Ripper
  • Damage increased by 2% (from 197 to 200.9).
  • Health increased by 2% (from 550.5 to 561.5).

  • Grenadier
  • Health increased by 4% (from 254.5 to 264.6).

  • RPG Station
  • Health increased by 3% (from 617.5 to 636).
  • Lifetime increased 2% (from 45 to 46 sec).

  • Concussion Blast
  • Damage decreased by 5% (from 146 to 139).

  • RPG Squad and RPG Infantry
  • Damage increased by 2% (from 63.5 to 64.7).
  • Health increased by 2% (from 76 to 77.5).

  • Rifle Troopers and Rifle Squad
  • Damage increased by 3% (from 14.7 to 15.2).
  • New Warrior/Soldier Sub-class: Scout
  • Scouts get bonuses when fighting Patrols and Outposts. 
  • Defender max Wall Tower Level talent boosts have decreased.
  • Common: from 31 to 27.
  • Uncommon: from 33 to 29
  • Rare: from 36 to 32
  • Now that Wall Towers have changed to automatically repair every Base Defense battle, we’re reducing how much Defenders’ sub-class talent scales. We want Defenders to have an advantage when defending in every Base battle, but it shouldn’t be so powerful as to make Base defenses impossible to erode over multiple attacks. If you want to crack a tough base, destroying enemy Sentry Towers can help you eventually takedown the enemy Command tower in subsequent battles. We’re going to be watching the impact of these changes closely and we have more changes planned for Wall Towers and Base Combat in future updates.   
  • Increased Uncommon as well as Expert sub-class Hunter, Scientist, Gatherer, and Miner Commander boosts to All Troops.
  • Uncommon: boost ranges increased to 2-28 from 2-26.
  • Rare (Experts only): boost ranges increased to 3-30 from 3-28.
  • Decreased Common, Uncommon, as well as Expert Hunter, Scientist, Gatherer, and Miner Commander boosts to their Single Troop. This will reduce their Army Power.
  • Common: boost ranges decreased to 1-23 from 1-33.
  • Uncommon: boost ranges decreased to 2-24 from 2-34.
  • Rare (Experts):boost ranges decreased to 3-28 from 3-38.
  • Uncommon Hunter, Scientist, Gatherer, and Miner Commander's First Talent for Skill reduced. Boost ranges decreased to 10-65 from 15-90.
  • Uncommon Hunter, Scientist, Gatherer, and Miner Commanders now get +1% Harvest Speed in both their Second and Third Talents, at levels 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20 (for a total of +10% Speed at Max level). 
  • Safeguard Commander All Troops and All Towers boosts have increased +1 Max level. 
  • Rare Racer Commanders (Eytukan, Ukawla, Adrik, Balogun) changed to Experts as their Speed is now Skill.



  • Tsu’tey
  • Battleheart: Now provides a boost to Sky Archer.
  • Battleheart: Removed the boost to Warbeest.

  • Maratu
  • Hammerhead: Now provides a boost to Elder Titan.
  • Ironwill: Now provides a boost to Archers.
  • Hammerhead: Removed the boost to Archers.
  • Ironwill: Removed the boost to Guardian.

  • Akwey
  • Scythe: Now provides a boost to Elder Titan.
  • Scythe: Removed the boost to Shield Watch (formerly Sentinels).

  • Vokan
  • Stinger: Now provides a boost to Elder Titan.
  • Stinger: Removed the boost to Paradise Needler.

  • Avarin
  • Overrun: Now provides a boost to Stingbat Swarm.
  • Overrun: Removed the boost to Viperwolves.

  • Alar’at
  • Firebrand: Now provides a boost to Banshee Roost.
  • Vendetta: Now provides a boost to Guardian and Hellswarm.
  • Firebrand: Removed the boost to Hellswarm.
  • Vendetta: Removed the boost to Fire Thrower and Archers.

  • Saeyla
  • Deluge: Now provides a boost to Viperwolves.
  • Deluge: Removed the boost to Viperwolf Pack.

  • Tsentey is now a Scout
  • Scout: Provides boost to Travel Speed, All Towers, and All Troops against Patrols and Outposts.
  • Veteran: Now provides a boost to Banshee Roost.
  • Veteran: Removed the boost to Viperwolves.

Hunters & Gatherers

  • Ralun renamed to Kalun.



  • Wainfleet
  • Warfare: Now provides a boost to Hexbots.
  • Strong-arm: Now provides a boost to Firefly.
  • Warfare: Removed the boost to Hornet Scout.
  • Strong-arm: Removed the boost to Infantry Nest.

  • Dubois
  • Kennel: Now provides a boost to Hexbots.
  • Kennel: Removed the boost to Incinerator.

  • Williams
  • Firestarter: Now provides a boost to Firefly.
  • Firestarter: Removed the boost to Concussion Blast.

  • Alihatar
  • Crawfry: Now provides a boost to Infantry Nest.
  • Crawfry: Removed the boost to Rifle Squad.

  • Casey
  • Ironside: Now provides a boost to Firefly.
  • Ironside: Removed the boost to Concussion Blast.

  • Freeman
  • Uniform: Now provides a boost to Bunker.
  • Uniform: Removed the boost to Concussion Blast.

  • Chacon is now a Scout
  • Scout: Provides boost to Travel Speed, All Towers, and All Troops against Patrols and Outposts.
  • Flexible: Now provides a boost to Field Barracks.
  • Flexible: Removed the boost to RPG Squad.

Scientists & Miners

  • Wassan renamed to Kamath.
Bug Fixes
  • Some Private Messages were not sending and receiving due to current limits (Increased max private chats to 250).
  • The loading bar was getting stuck when switching Factions.
  • The app would have issues loading after it has been running in the background for an extended time.
  • In some instances, Combat Protection was not falling from an attacking player’s Base.
  • Resolved various performance issues and crashes.

We hope you enjoy the update and the changes that are on the way in the near future. Thank you all for your continued feedback in helping us create a better experience for everyone. We're looking forward to watching the Sacred Site battles this weekend!

-The Avatar: Pandora Rising Dev Team