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Release Notes 0.8.0

December 1, 2020 - The Avatar: Pandora Rising Dev Team

The battlefield on Pandora continues to shift with new Troops, Commanders, and new rules of engagement. Prepare yourself for more challenges each day and even greater rewards!

Whats New Overview
  • Challenger Commanders: Valke and Henrick
    Lead your forces at Sacred Sites with two new Commanders.
  • Safeguard Commanders: Txopu and Masterson
    Protect Sacred Site resource Harvests to help earn the most rewards
  • Na’vi Troops: Mountain Ikran and Windblade
    Mountain Ikran is an aerial predator larger than its forest cousin that dominates land and sky with sweeping area damage from. Windblade hurls axes in rapid succession at any enemy that dares come within reach.
  • RDA Troops: Razorback and Sidewinder
    Razorback will clear the air with a single missile payload and continue the assault on ground Troops with two mounted light machine guns. Sidewinder races any infantry Troop to the front line in a lightly armored motorbike sidecar.
  • Improved Daily Goals and Increased Rewards
    Challenge yourself with new goals, including some that increase in difficulty as you complete them. Your efforts will now be rewarded even further with Troop and Commander shards!
  • Combat Health Protection
    Challenging Patrols and Outposts as well as defending Harvests will provide instant partial recovery to get you back in the fight.
  • PvP Combat Updates
    Prepare for more conflict on the battlefield as it continues to evolve.
  • Feature: Watch Rallies
    Get a better view on your Alliance Rally activity and find more ways to engage on the battlefield.
New Commanders

These Commanders are now available in the Honor, Unobtanium, and Item Shops as well as Standard, Elite, and Commander Chests.


Valke - Warrior (Challenger)

  • Challenger: Provides boosts to Travel Speed, All Towers, and All Troops at Sacred Sites.
  • Sky Guide: Provides boosts to Sky Archer, Mountain Ikran, and Forest Ikran.
  • Aerialist: Provides boosts to Fire Thrower, Banshee Roost, and Arrow Storm.

Txopu - Thanator Safeguard

  • Thanator Safeguard: Finds bonus Thanator Claws, provides boosts to All Towers, and All Troops at Thanator Graveyards.
  • Pathfinder: Provides boosts to Champion, Windblade, and Archers.
  • Harbringer: Provides boosts to Stingbat Caller, Guardian, and Mountain Ikran.


Henrick - Soldier (Challenger)

  • Challenger: Provides boosts to Travel Speed, All Towers, and All Troops at Unobtanium Sites.
  • Monster Hunter: Provides boosts to Hexbots, Firefly, and Razorback.
  • Audacious: Provides boosts to Bombing Run, Shredder, and Concussion Blast.

Masterson - Fiddlehead Safeguard

  • Fiddlehead Safeguard: Finds bonus Fiddlehead Toxin, provides boosts to All Towers, and All Troops at Fiddlehead Meadows.
  • Prodigy: Provides boosts to Helldozer, Razorback, and Rifle Troopers.
  • Researcher: Provides boosts to Bulldog, RPG Station, and Sidewinder.
New Troops

You can find these Troops in the Honor, Unobtanium, and Item Shops as well as Standard, Elite, and Troop Chests.


Mountain Ikran
Large, bird-like aerial predator that uses both claws in a sweeping area damage attack that damages both air and ground enemies. With higher health than its forest cousin and the ability to damage a large group of enemies at once, Mountain Ikrans are particularly strong against low health swarms.

Mountain Ikran

Renowned for their dexterity, Windblades hurl axes in rapid succession towards air and ground enemies at close range. While quickly dispatched when undefended, Windblades can inflict substantial damage when positioned behind a high-Health Troop like the Guardian or Titanothere.



An all-terrain assault vehicle equipped with two mounted light machine guns and a single surface-to-air missile payload. Like Concussion Blast or Tactical Warhead, the Razorback's one-time volley of anti-air missiles launches a rapid response to swarming airborne enemies. It also serves as a powerful deterrent, blocking your opponent from deploying their air forces.


With high-efficiency intake manifolds, the Sidewinder motorbike races onto the battlefield. An attached lightly-armored sidecar, allows the Sidewinder to swiftly transport a single infantry Troop into attack range! The Sidewinder deploys inexpensively, making it a versatile addition to any infantry based load-out. Paired with stronger infantry Troops, like the Incinerator or Grenadier, it's a high-damage threat that can quickly demolish your opponent's defenses.

General Changes
  • New Watch Rallies tab where you can find, watch, and take part in any available Rallies that are happening. This is accessed through the existing Rallies button.
  • Sacred Site Rally Timer Options changed to: 1, 2, 5, and 10 minutes. The previously higher Rally times were rarely used, so we’ve aimed these to average lower across the board to give you more strategic options. 
  • Some Patrols and Outposts now feature the newest Troops: Mountain Ikran, Windblade, Razorback, and Sidewinder. 
  • Updates have been made to the early game experience which has brought back some previous Events and Quests for newer players. If you have not yet completed them, you have the chance for some more rewards! (Note: Some Events have Milestones you have already passed but cannot repeat for the rewards, such as upgrading your Village Hall or Command Center)
  • Combat sound effects now play back in the stereo field, corresponding to the Troop and visual effects position on screen. (Best with headphones!)
  • Alliance Probation Timer for new members
  • To help add weight to the decision, members that switch to a new Alliance will not be able to Request Donations, Donate, or Participate in Mo’ara Raids for the first 24 hours. This will not apply to anyone joining their first Alliance or newly formed Alliance, or if you have never participated in a Mo’ara Raid.
Daily Activities

Push yourself with new challenges to earn even more rewards each day!

  • The Stamina cap has been increased to 100. You will still regenerate the same amount of Stamina over time.
  • Outposts now cost 25 Stamina and Outpost Rally Keys have been removed. This will position them as more of a core activity alongside Patrols. We’ll be monitoring how this impacts Events.
  • Dailies have been improved to include new types, incremental goals, and better rewards in the form of Troop, Commander Shards, and Chest Tokens, including a new Woodsprites and Credits Chest! The following Troop and Commander shards can be found in Daily Goals:
  • Navi
  • Champion, Direhorse Rider, Warbeest, Titanothere, Guardian, Stingbat Swarm, Arrow Storm, Archers, Hunting Party, Viperwolf Pack, Viperwolves
  • Mo'at, Zumkana, Entok, Kalun, Swin'ara, Saeyla, Valke, Tsentey
  • RDA
  • Helldozer, Flame Boss, Ripper, Scorpion Gunship, AMP, Infantry Nest, Concussion Blast, Rifle Squad, Rifle Troopers, RPG Squad, RPG Infantry 
  • Augustine, Selfridge, Casey, Drennek, Fike, Henrick, Shen, Chacon
Combat Health Protection

Commanders will recover some health after defending a Harvest or completing Patrols and Outposts. The amount recovered will be all of their starting health, reduced by 10% of their total health value (ex. suffering total defeat after starting at 50% health will recover them to 40% health). This will encourage challenging yourself in Patrols and Outposts, as well as give Harvesters more of a fighting chance since they can be attacked or Rallied multiple times (especially with the new PvP Battle Stamina costs). A few things to note:

  • For other types of PvP, such as attacking Harvests, there is no Combat Health Protection.
  • In a rally combat, this health refund activates after the rally resolves. This applies to both Outpost rallies and harvest combat rallies.
  • For Mo’ara Raids, Health Protection does not apply.
Pvp Combat

As our game evolves, so does the way you engage with PvP. We’ve made several changes from what we’ve learned through that and your feedback. Our goals here are to increase the amount of activity, more accurately represent power, ensure players can progress, have less penalties for growing stronger, and focus more on incentives for fair battles. 

  • Reduced amount of Battle Stamina used to start PvP attacks from 20 to 10 to encourage more activity. 
  • Base Health increased, scaling as you upgrade from 26 to 50 (previously 10 at all levels). This will reduce the amount of Forced Relocations.
  • PvP Tokens can no longer be pillaged. As such, the amounts earned from battles have been reduced significantly. They are now primarily earned through the PvP-focused Daily Goals. This will make PvP Tokens a more consistent form of currency. The amount you earn through battles is meant to be a small bonus and not your main source of PvP Tokens.
  • PvP Battle Rewards are no longer reduced based on battle fairness. The rewards you earn are now based solely on your opponent’s Commander level, encouraging you to aim for higher level Commanders.
  • Level 1 and 2 Solo Harvest sites can no longer be attacked.
  • Updated Army Power calculation for players and NPCs to be more accurate. This will take some time to settle into and we will be keeping a close eye on this. We know this is especially jarring as Season Boosts also just ended.
  • Army Power's main purpose is to give you an estimate for the challenge of combat, and we will always be striving to make it better. There are other factors to keep in mind that can influence it that can’t be represented, like: counter relationships, player skill, attacking vs defending, and how particular Troops are leveled for each player.
  • Fair Battles and some Easy Battles, and even some formerly-labeled-as-Trivial Battles, will now be described as Close Battles. Trivial Battles will now be described as Favorable Battles and be scored in Events, provide Battle Rewards, and no longer have extended Combat Protection penalties for attackers.
  • We’re making this change so that when challenge predictions are off, it's more likely to describe a battle as more difficult than easier. Very few things are more frustrating than going into a battle believing it’ll be a cake walk only to get beaten by a seemingly much weaker opponent. Our changes are aimed at making this less likely going forward. Trivial Battles were penalizing other players for getting stronger, and also provided benefits to keeping low level Commanders. Both of these things were not healthy for the battlefield. We’ll be watching this new system and adjusting as needed to ensure players of all power levels can grow properly.
  • Travel time on the world map is shorter for closer targets, and increases significantly as you target further away.
  • This is intended to create greater distance between players of different power levels, helping to protect weaker players from being attacked by stronger players. It also makes it more difficult for players to attack multiple Sacred Sites that are far apart without relocating. 

These are BIG changes, and we’ll be monitoring your feedback as well as how you’re all playing on the changed battlefield.

  • Alliance leaders may set which ranks can begin a Mo’ara Raid in the Edit Alliance screen.
  • Improved the selection screen for Commanders to prevent choosing the wrong one.
  • Improved MANY visuals to make Mo’ara as beautiful as it is rewarding!
  • Reduced the Mo’ara Raid Supplies needed to start raids for all Difficulties, but also reduced the amount earned from completing Daily Goals.
  • Added a new Tutorial difficulty for smaller Alliances to more easily learn the ropes.
  • A new raid can immediately be started once your Alliance 100% completes the previous one.
  • New Raid Recap feature will quickly show you the progress your Alliance made in Mo’ara when you return to the mode after joining previously.
  • Rotated Mo’ara Featured Troop boosts that can appear in each Difficulty. It will remain on these Troops at the highest difficulty level until the next major update:
  • Na'vi
  • Archers, Stingbats, Viperwolves, Banshee RoostGuardianMountain IkranShield WatchViperwolf DenWindbladeBanshee FlightBlastbulbTitanothereTukru FightersWarbeestStingbat Caller
  • RDA
  • RPG Infantry, Troopers, Field BarracksFireflyGrenadierInfantry NestRPG StationShredderSidewinderBombing RunHexbotsLynx TransportScorpion GunshipBulldogHelldozer
Troops And Combat
  • Troop Health and Damage now scales more through level upgrades 1 to 17. 
  • More scaling in the early game makes the value of early upgrades more significant and the difference in power between levels more noticeable. Higher Troop level scaling remains the same so that players of similar Village Hall and Command Center levels continue to remain within comparable power ranges of one another, so battles can be close and competitive. 
  • Troop Shards will now require Training Ground or Training Bay levels to be used, similar to upgrading them through crafted resources. 
  • This gives clearer value to your building upgrades, while also helping to make the power band that exists for players within a particular level more consistent, and therefore more predictable. 


  • Direhorse Rider
  • Damage increased 2% (from 96 to 97.9). 
  • Health increased 2% (from 732.6 to 747.3). 

  • Stingbat Caller
  • Cost increased 20% (from 5 to 6).
  • Damage increased 50% (from 59 to 88.5). 
  • Health increased 10% (from 380 to 418). 
  • Attack Rate increased 10% (from 2.5 sec. to 2.25 sec).
  • Stingbat Caller was underperforming compared to the other Epic Troops. By increasing energy cost, this allows us to allocate some additional offensive power to make her a more significant threat. 

  • Ikran Assault renamed to Banshee Strike
  • Cost decreased 12.5% (from 8 to 7).  
  • Damage decreased 3% (from 636.9 to 617.8).
  • Targeting Radius decreased by 12.5%.
  • For a substantial period in Pandora’s history, this Special Power had played a dominant role in the high-tier matchups of Jake vs. Quaritch. When both commanders had overwhelming usage at the top levels of play, we found that it outperformed which led to a reduction in power. A lot has changed, and over time we’ve seen that the cost increase has made it increasingly difficult for Na’vi players to use Banshee Strike reactively. With its drop off in both usage and win rate, we’ve decided to shift the cost back to its previous levels. At the same time we’ll be keeping the Damage and Targeting Radius reigned in to prevent its former overpowered glory.

  • Tukru Fighters
  • Now does x3 rapid back to back attacks. 
  • Hit Speed (to do all 3 strikes) decreased by 20%.
  • Damage for each strike decreased 61% (from 166.3 to 65).
  • Overall damage per hit increased 17% (from 166.3 to 195).
  • Health increased 4% (from 288.4 to 299.9). 
  • As we look to continue to add new Troops to Pandora we want to ensure that we have the space to make each Troop we plan to add unique, with its own strengths and weaknesses. In the case of Tukru Fighters, their simple design has the benefit of being easy to understand and appreciate their high-lethality from the first time you use them. Unfortunately, they’re good against too many different ground Troops. These changes aim to push Tukru Fighters to shine when they focus damage onto higher health and shielded Troops as well as Towers, while making them considerably less effective against swarms, like Rifle Squad or Viperwolf Pack. 

  • Sky Archer
  • Damage increased 10% (from 80 to 88). 
  • Health increased 100% (from 90 to 180).
  • Cost increased (from 4 to 5).
  • Attack Radius reduced by 40% (from 3.5 to 2.5).
  • Range reduced by 17% (from 24 to 20). 
  • Movement Speed increased 50% (from 2.65 to 4). 
  • When we set out to make Sky Archer we wanted a long range flying lane threat Troop that required opponent’s to either answer or pay a serious price. After observing this Troop in action, we’ve found that it performs too well if you don’t have exactly one of the commander-buffed Powers that you can use to react every time Sky Archer is played (e.g. Arrow Storm, Concussion Blast). This new iteration forces the Sky Archer in a bit closer, which lets opponents deal with it through smart Battle Line and Sentry Tower usage. At the same time we used an increase to the cost to pump up it’s stats as well. 

  • Titanothere
  • Damage increased 2% (from 214 to 218.6). 
  • Health increased 2% (from 1889 to 1927.2). 

  • Fire Thrower
  • Damage increased 2% (from 83.6 to 85.3). 
  • Health increased 2% (from 216.2 to 220.5). 

  • Forest Banshee renamed to Forest Ikran and Banshee Flight renamed to Ikran Flight
  • Damage decreased 2% (from 83.6 to 82.7). 
  • Health decreased 2% (from 267.4 to 262). 

  • Paradise Needler
  • Cost decreased (from 7 to 6). 
  • Damage decreased 14% (from 64.7 to 55.6). 
  • Health decreased 14% (from 800 to 688). 
  • Paradise Needler knockback reduced slightly. 
  • Paradise Needler’s cost at 7 was making it tough to use outside super specific counter situations and because this building is played reactively that was severely limiting the cases it is being used. By lowering its cost, and adjusting its stats we expect to see it used in more scenarios, and a beneficial side effect is with lower health there are now ways for players to counter this structure more easily with Powers and smart deployment positioning.  

  • Puffball Tree 
  • Puffball Damage increased 5% (from 30.5 to 32). 

  • Shield Watch
  • Health increased 2% (from 175.1 to 178.6).
  • Shield Health increased 2% (from 42 to 42.8).

  • Stingbat Swarm
  • Damage decreased 3% (from 30.7 to 29.8).
  • Health decreased 3% (from 22.13 to 21.5). 

  • Viperwolf Den
  • Health decreased 5% (from 807.5 to 767.1). 

  • Archers
  • Formation moved further apart. 

  • Hunting Party
  • Formation moved closer together.


  • Helldozer
  • Damage increased 2% (from 257 to 262.1). 

  • Bombing Run
  • Damage increased by 6% (from 300 to 318).

  • Hornet Scout 
  • Cost increased 20% (from 5 to 6).
  • Attack Range decreased 61.5% (from 13 to 8). 
  • Damage increased 15% (from 19 to 21.9). 
  • Health increased 40% (from 397 to 555.8). 
  • Turns slower when changing directions.
  • With one of the longest ranges of any Troop, the Hornet Scout had shifted into being a difficult Troop to balance. When looking at a need to reduce its power, we’ve decided to revert some of the previous changes and instead shift the Hornet’s stats towards being a more durable flying Troop that needs to get in closer to support from the skies. This version can be more easily dealt with by leveraging defensive buildings and towers. 

  • Missile Strike renamed to Tactical Warhead
  • Damage reduced 2.3% (from 435 to 425).

  • Incinerator
  • Damage increased 2% (from 32.35 to 33).
  • Health increased 2% (from 463.6 to 472.9).

  • Lynx Transport
  • Health reduced 3% (from 880 to 853.6).

  • Missile Battery
  • Attacks now do minor knockback.
  • Hit Speed slowed 11% (from 4.5 to 5).
  • Minimum Range increased 15.4%. 
  • Damage Radius decreased 10% (from 5 to 4.5).
  • Health reduced 10% (from 742.5 to 668.2).
  • Missile Battery doesn’t have clear enough counters when players want to reactively take it down. These changes reduce its general survivability as well as sharpening its weakness to fast units like the Direhorse Rider and Warbeest through a decrease in Attack Rate, Radius, and an increased Minimum Range. We’ve added minor knockback to give some utility when used on-defense against slower units to compensate. 

  • Scorpion Gunship
  • Damage increased 2% (from 40.3 to 41.1).
  • Health increased 2% (from 742.9 to 757.8).

  • AMP
  • Damage reduced 1% (from 34.7 to 34.3).
  • Health reduced 4% (from 884 to 848.7). 

  • Infantry Nest
  • Health reduced 3% (from 820 to 795.4).

  • Gas Grenade
  • Fixed a bug that caused damage to not increase with level upgrades.

  • Concussion Blast
  • Stun Duration reduced 29% (from 1.75 sec. to 1.25 sec).

  • RPG Squad
  • Now uses a Zig-zag formation.
  • Commander Shards will now have the same building requirements for leveling with shards as they do for other resources. This is to align with our similar change to Troops.
  • All Non-Safeguard Hunters’, Gatherers’, Scientists’, and Miners’ Talent Boosts to All Troops max level and All Towers max level increased by 2. 
  • Some Commanders have moved to Safeguards of their resource as these roles were missing.
  • Safeguards and Defenders:
  • Safeguards’ All Towers max level reduced by 4. 
  • Defenders’ All Towers max level reduced by 4. 
  • Defenders Wall Towers max level reduced to 25 for all rarities.
  • We want to encourage leveling up Safeguards and Defenders, but we’re seeing these scale a bit too much at the higher levels of progression. We’re putting in an adjustment that should help keep a greater range of Warrior attackers more viable in Player Base and Resource Site attacks. 



  • Akwey
  • Deathrider: Now provides a boost to Windblade.
  • Deathrider: Removed the boost to Hellswarm.

  • Ikeyni
  • Sky Rider: Now provides a boost to Mountain Ikran.
  • Sky Rider: Removed the boost to Forest Ikran (Forest Banshee).

  • Takuk
  • Fierce: Now provides a boost to Windblade.
  • Fierce: Removed the boost to Forest Ikran (Forest Banshee).

  • Vokan
  • Stinger: Now provides a boost to Tukru Fighters.
  • Stinger: Removed the boost to Elder Titan.

  • Alar’at
  • Vendetta: Now provides a boost to Forest Ikran (Forest Banshee).
  • Vendetta: Removed the boost to Guardian.

  • Avarin
  • Shield Smash: Now provides a boost to Viperwolves.
  • Shield Smash: Removed the boost to Arrow Storm.

  • Saeyla
  • Uproar: Now provides a boost to Archers.
  • Deluge: Now provides a boost to Warbeest and Viperwolf Den.
  • Uproar: Removed the boost to Arrow Storm.
  • Deluge: Removed the boost to Banshee Strike (Ikran Assault) and Puffball Tree.

  • Tioang
  • Stampeder: Now provides a boost to Banshee Strike.
  • Bristleback: Now provides a boost to Mountain Ikran.
  • Stampeder: Removed the boost to Warbeest.
  • Bristleback: Removed the boost to Forest Ikran (Forest Banshee).


  • Atan
  • Introspective: Now provides a boost to Mountain Ikran.
  • Introspective: Removed the boost to Hellswarm.

  • Eytukan is now a Hexapede Safeguard
  • Hexapede Safeguard: Finds bonus Hexapede Meat, provides boosts to All Towers, and All Troops at Hexapede Woodland.
  • Eyktan’s Will: Provides boosts to Warbeest, Shield Watch, and Mountain Ikran.
  • Resistance: Provides boosts to Banshee Strike, Fire Thrower, and Hellswarm.

  • Menari
  • Hogspear: Now provides a boost to Windblade.
  • Hogspear: Removed the boost to Forest Ikran.


  • Rawm
  • Meadow Vanguard: Now provides a boost to Windblade.
  • Meadow Vanguard: Removed the boost to Viperwolf Den.

  • Syanan
  • Snapjaw: Now provides a boost to Mountain Ikran.
  • Snapjaw: Removed the boost to Shield Watch.

  • Ukawla is now a Spinecone Safeguard
  • Spinecone Safeguard: Finds bonus Spinecone Needles, provides boosts to All Towers, and All Troops at Spinecone Thicket.
  • Thicketweaver: Provides boosts to Titanothere, Elder Titan, and Hunting Party.
  • Dreamcaller: Provides boosts to Sky Archer, Banshee Strike, and Paradise Needler.



  • Onozuki
  • Hydra Gunner: Now provides a boost to Incinerator and Bunker.
  • Hydra Gunner: Removed the boost to Bombing Run and Gas Grenade.

  • Reza
  • Renegade: Now provides a boost to Bombing Run.
  • Renegade: Removed the boost to Scorpion Gunship.

  • Williams
  • Torchlight: Now provides a boost to Sidewinder.
  • Torchlight: Removed the boost to Tactical Warhead (Missile Strike).

  • Casey
  • Ironside: Now provides a boost to Concussion Blast.
  • Ironside: Removed the boost to Firefly.

  • Fike
  • Dauntless: Now provides a boost to Ripper and RPG Station.
  • Dauntless: Removed the boost to Incinerator and Shredder.

  • Freeman
  • Uniform: Now provides a boost to Sidewinder.
  • Uniform: Removed the boost to Bunker.

  • Michaels
  • Overkill: Now provides a boost to Razorback.
  • Overkill: Removed the boost to Grenadier.

  • Smith
  • Calldown: Now provides a boost to Incinerator.
  • Calldown: Removed the boost to Ripper.

  • Stojack
  • Infantry Surge: Now provides a boost to Scorpion Gunship and Rifle Squad.
  • Infantry Surge: Removed the boost to Shredder and Grenadier.


  • Adrik is now a Burnfiber Safeguard
  • Burnfiber Safeguard: Finds bonus Burnfiber, provides boosts to All Towers, and All Troops at Burnfiber Grove.
  • Thrillseeker: Provides boosts to Ripper, Scorpion Gunship, and RPG Infantry.
  • Deviant: Provides boosts to Missile Battery, Lynx Transport, and Shredder.

  • Kamath
  • Operator: Now provides a boost to Infantry Nest.
  • Operator: Removed the boost to Shredder.

  • Madaki
  • Keen Eye: Now provides a boost to Razorback.
  • Keen Eye: Removed the boost to Grenadier.

  • Patel
  • Experimental: Now provides a boost to Sidewinder.
  • Experimental: Removed the boost to Infantry Nest.


  • Balogun is now a Bluestone Safeguard
  • Bluestone Safeguard: Finds bonus Blue Iron Ore, provides boosts to All Towers, and All Troops at Bluestone Ridge.
  • Stalwart: Provides boosts to Incinerator, AMP, and Razorback.
  • Steady: Provides boosts to Lynx Transport, Missile Battery, and Bunker.

  • Buldan
  • Magnate: Now provides a boost to Sidewinder.
  • Conviction: Now provides a boost to Grenadier.
  • Magnate: Removed the boost to Gas Grenade.
  • Conviction: Removed the boost to Infantry Nest.

  • Leon
  • Archeologist: Now provides a boost to Gas Grenade.
  • Truth Seeker: Now provides a boost to Razorback.
  • Archeologist: Removed the boost to Grenadier.
  • Truth Seeker: Removed the boost to Bunker.

  • Selfridge changed to Sulfur Rock Expert.
Bug Fixes
  • Mo’ara Difficulty 3 was using the Difficulty 2 map.
  • Difficulty 3 Sacred Plant and Fuel Depot were giving higher level Talent Kits than intended.

We're looking forward to seeing how you tackle the new challenges on the battlefield and will be keeping a close ear to the ground for your feedback. Thank you all for continuing to share your thoughts with us and help shape the game in our Initial Launch phase!

-The Avatar: Pandora Rising Dev Team